Why You Should Never Skip the Home Inspection

Why You Should Never Skip the Home Inspection

  • Sissy Bellar
  • 09/23/23
There’s an old expression: what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Although this expression might apply to some scenarios, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to the case of a home inspection. If you don’t know about the flaws of your future home, your blissful ignorance can turn sour, potentially costing you thousands of dollars — or even tens of thousands — down the line.

The reasons why a home inspection is important are numerous, but the most important reasons relate to your health and well-being. If a prospective home has problems that can be downright hazardous, it will be critical to address these issues before your move-in date.

Read on for the reasons why you don’t want to skip the home inspection when buying a house in East Texas.

Culprit #1: Mold

So, why get a home inspection? Among other reasons, an inspection can uncover living organisms that might be trying to share your future home, not the least of which is a silent organism: mold.

Indeed, mold spores are everywhere, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid mold altogether in a climate where the humidity often exceeds 60%.

The most common types of mold are allergenic, which might cause mild allergic symptoms, such as watery eyes, sore throat, and skin irritation. But these “allergenic” mold species aren’t hazardous in the way that other mold types might be.

The most dangerous type of mold is called toxigenic mold. Frighteningly, this mold can cause respiratory distress and even respiratory failure, especially among high-risk populations.

Whereas it is uncommon to find a large colony of toxigenic mold in a structure, it’s still possible, and an inspection can help to reassure you that there are no mold colonies in the home that might put you or your loved ones at risk.

Culprit #2: Infestations

Both subterranean and dry wood termites are prevalent in Smith County, as they are in many areas of East Texas. Therefore, it’s essential to have a termite inspection to determine if any colonies are hidden within the depths of the home. Termites can cause structural instability if their colonies are large enough. They can also consume the plastic casing of your future home’s electrical wiring, causing problems with short circuits or even electrical fires.

A home inspection can also uncover rodent infestations that might bring the unfortunate potential for disease-carrying organisms. Home inspections are often high-tech these days, and many inspectors will bring along an infrared scanner to determine if any hidden issues are transpiring within the walls. If rodents have chewed through wall insulation or even electrical wiring, you would have no way of knowing without a home inspection.

Culprit #3: Structural instability

If you’re still asking yourself, “Do I need a home inspection?”—it might be time to consider the issues that can occur with your home’s actual structure.

Let’s start with the top of your home: the roof. There could be issues with your future roof that can cause leakage or make it susceptible to failure in a storm. Your roof is like the protective helmet of your house, so it’s crucial to ensure that it’s fully intact. Additionally, if your home has a chimney, you’ll need to ensure that it has no common chimney problems that can lead to collapse or fire hazards.

It’s also important to know if your home has any settlement problems that might lead to issues with the foundation, flooring, or walls. Settlement issues would rarely cause a home to collapse outright, but there might be issues with cracking and shifting that lead to unevenness and breaks in your home’s moisture barrier. Settlement issues can also lead to air gaps that make it more costly to cool and heat your home. Air gaps can also make it easier for infestations to occur.

Culprit #4: Outdated materials

Certain materials in older homes can be hazardous for children and even adults. For example, lead paint was banned in the United States for residences in 1978, but even homes built after that date might have some lead paint if they were painted with leftover paint. Lead can be consumed directly by children or inhaled as dust when the paint wears down. The dangers of lead are numerous, including brain damage and more. Lead paint can be abated by specialists, but homeowners shouldn’t try to do it themselves.

Homes built before the late 1970s also have the possibility of being contaminated with asbestos. While asbestos might not be a problem if left undisturbed, it’s essential to know about its presence if you plan on renovating or doing work within the home. When the asbestos fibers are disturbed, they can easily be inhaled and cause lasting damage to sensitive lungs.

Culprit #5: Faulty electrical systems

It’s easy to forget about the electrical system of a home. Still, there are potential problems with an electrical system that can cause system failure, shocks, or even fires in specific scenarios.

As discussed earlier, infestations can cause electrical issues, but there can also be other concerns with the system’s basic functionality. For example, older homes might have ungrounded wiring, which can be extremely costly to address.

Older homes might also have knot and tube wiring, which should likely be replaced, especially if it is present in basements or attics. Knot and tube wiring can lead to numerous other issues, the most frightening of which can result in electric shock or even electrocution.

Protect your most significant asset

Having a home inspection is vital for peace of mind. You want to know that you’ve done everything possible to ensure your home is in tip-top shape before moving in. And, if you’re looking for a top-notch East Texas real estate team to aid you in your home search, look no further than the experts at S.E.T. Real Estate from Lake Tyler to Cascade Estates, the team is well-versed in Tyler real estate and ready to make your dreams come true. Reach out today to get started!

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