What to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood In East Texas

What to Look for When Choosing a Neighborhood In East Texas

  • Sissy Bellar
  • 09/23/23

Are you ready to move but asking yourself the ever-complex question, “Where should I live?” Finding a good neighborhood can be truly challenging, with so many amazing communities to choose from. East Texas is full of charming neighborhoods, from the lakeside views of Cascade Estates and Eagle’s Bluff to the cobblestone streets of Azalea District. If you’re ready to find your new piece of paradise, here are the top things to consider when selecting the perfect neighborhood for you.

Ask the appropriate questions

It’s important to ask yourself which features you care about the most when it comes to your new neighborhood in East Texas. Do you want to belong to a tight-knit community or a bustling neighborhood where everyone is on the go, night and day? Do you value privacy and anonymity? Do you prefer a newer development or an older community? Do you want to be close to all of the restaurants, shops, and other amenities, or is a commute acceptable? Do you enjoy being near parks and recreation spots?

Consider not only your own preferences but also the needs and lifestyles of your family members as you think about the types of neighborhoods you’re interested in. For example, do you have any younger kids who need to be able to walk to school? Do some of your family members need access to public transit?

Walk around the neighborhood

Take some time to walk around the neighborhoods you are considering at various times of the day and week to get a feel for the area. Observe the condition of the sidewalks, streets, front yards, and homes. Take note of any abandoned buildings and vacant lots since these might be used to build commercial developments in the future. Notice whether the streets seem noisy or quiet, and pay attention to the speed of the traffic.

Pay attention to public transit and commuting time

Research the access to public transit in the neighborhood, especially if you don’t have a car and need to use public transportation. Which kinds of public transit are available in the community as an alternative to driving? How regularly does the transit stop during peak times of the day? Pay attention to how far the drive is if you need to go to the nearest airport for international travel. Also, look into the cost of ordering a taxi and whether or not there are any public transit routes to the airport.

In addition to public transportation options, it helps to take note of your commuting time. How long would it take you to drive or take public transit to work? Would you be going with or against traffic in the area, and is the driving route simple to navigate? If possible, it’s a great idea to test out the driving route during rush hour to determine if it’s a manageable commute.

Consider the schools in the East Texas area

Research the schools in the community online, particularly if you have young kids or are planning on having kids in the future. Research various aspects of the district or specific schools, including class sizes, student-teacher ratios, accolades and awards, extracurricular programs and sports, parent involvement, and graduation rates. How well do the children perform on standardized tests, and do most of the students move on to college? What are the opportunities for higher education in the area?

In addition to researching the school itself, think about how your children will commute to school. For example, would they be able to walk to school every day? What if it rains? How long would it take for you to drive them? Are there buses or other public transit options available?

Determine the current home values

When you’re planning a move, it’s essential to ensure that you’re moving to a community that has plenty of promise for the future. Research the current home values in the area, and look to your expert real estate agent for an analysis of how the market trends have been fluctuating in recent years and months. That way, you can determine how these prices compare to the average home value of five or even ten years ago.

Research any future developments

Also, ask your East Texas real estate agent if they know about any future developments planned for the area that may indicate growth and expansion. You can also find information about future developments in the community through the local Chamber of Commerce or at city hall.

Be aware that although future developments generally indicate that an area is prospering, they can also lead to significant changes and increase traffic and taxes. That’s why it is essential to research any future developments in the area and determine whether the neighborhood's future is right for you, your family, and your situation.

Consider the community’s amenities

If you want to live near the center of all the action, you’ll want to ensure that you include the nearby amenities in your neighborhood analysis. Maybe it’s crucial that you live near your favorite restaurants, coffee haunts, and shopping spots. Don’t forget about the essentials like banks, the post office, convenience stores, hospitals, and grocery stores. If you value an outdoorsy way of life, make a point to research the nearby parks, sports fields, or hiking trails.

If you like getting involved with your local community, search for libraries, art centers, museums, theaters, houses of worship, and any other activity centers in the neighborhood that might be important to you. Check the local bulletin boards, websites, and newspapers to discover any fun events planned for the area.

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