The 10 Hottest Interior Design Trends

The 10 Hottest Interior Design Trends

  • Sissy Bellar
  • 09/23/23

When it comes to design trends, nothing tends to stay the same for very long. One trend that seems to be here to stay is that people are spending more time in the home than ever before. As East Texas real estate sales have been booming over the years, so has the industry of interior design. With so many homes purchased within the last few years, you can bet that many of them will be getting a makeover this year.

Homeowners are looking for ways to make their properties more functional and eco-friendly.  New spaces are needed for the workplace and relaxation, and new creative ways are always being sought to use light and color to enhance the tone of a room. If you are looking for the best interior design tips for this year, take a look at these top trends in home design and decor.

1. Eco-friendly design

When considering what goes into a home, interior designers are more frequently taking into account where and how things are made. There is a growing trend toward using higher-quality materials, which in turn tend to last longer. A preference for anything with a low environmental impact is always a plus. Recyclable materials aren’t the only thing that is good for the environment. Longer-lasting fixtures, top-notch furniture, and modern, energy-efficient appliances are beneficial because they are replaced less often, taking up less landfill space over time.

2. Retro design choices

Retro design is making a comeback in a big way. Many homeowners want to experience the nostalgia of their wonder years, and adding a vintage or retro feel to your interior design can do just that. Vintage designs and antiques can also be comforting as they invoke a feeling of simpler times. While you may not want your entire home to be retro in style, it can be fun to devote one room to things such as antique collectibles, decorative lamps, and colorful wallpaper. Listening rooms are hot right now, which feature vintage record players, mood lighting, and plenty of comfortable, deep-cushioned seating.

3. Stripes

Stripes are coming back into style in the form of wallpaper, tiles, and drapes. Horizontal stripes can make a room feel completely fresh and different, and it's a great way to accent a room to give the impression of movement and activity. Gone are the days when your home consists of only drab tones of gray. Stripes can be a perfect complement to music rooms, children’s rooms, and family rooms, as they help to make your home feel more active and vibrant.

4. Multifunction design

The use of multifunction spaces in the home is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. This includes rooms that double as workplaces, which can include family rooms, dens, kitchens, and living rooms. Multifunction furniture can also be a great addition, easily converting a guest room into a home office or vice versa. There are several things to consider in multifunction home design, including layout, flooring, and lighting, which can all uplevel an individual's work productivity. Hideaway workstations can make an excellent addition to these spaces, converting your office clutter into a seamless part of your home.

5. Natural lighting

Natural lighting is another trend that isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. Natural light enhances our sleep cycles, increases mood and overall happiness, and makes us feel more awake and connected to nature. Many modern homes are designed to take advantage of natural light with expansive windows, taking into account the home’s exposure during different times of the day. You can also enhance a home’s natural lighting by including glass, metallic, and other reflective surfaces in your design.

6. Colors

Earth tones are hot in 2023, with softer tones like pink, natural pastels, earthy browns, and reds coming back into fashion. Wallpaper, paint, trim, and fabrics can all set the tone of a room and make the perfect complement to soft or natural lighting.

7. Vertical stone slabs

A new trend this season is the use of natural stone elements in a vertical placement. Typically seen on horizontal surfaces, the appeal of natural stone and its patterns becomes much more visible and serves to break up space in a vertical setting. This type of stone paneling is gorgeous to behold and can give your home that special touch you have been looking for. Vertical stone paneling can transform kitchens into true works of art.

8. More gold

The look of gold can add glamour to any space almost instantly. It can serve as a fantastic highlight to what might otherwise be neutral or drab colors. You can add gold with gold-rimmed kitchenware, gold leaf fixtures, or even wallpaper. These soft, warmer tones convey a sense of Hollywood’s glamorous golden era and can add a nice touch to your vintage or minimalist decor.

9. Wellness rooms

With families spending more time in the home in 2023, it's no surprise that wellness is a top priority. Workout and exercise rooms have always been par for the course, but a new focus has been on creating wellness rooms that focus on personal health and relaxation. This includes home spas, yoga studios, and meditation rooms. These areas feature warm, soothing colors and low lighting and can be accented with music and aromatherapy. In 2023, every home needs its calm space where you can go to relax and get away from everything.

10. High-performance fabrics

Fabrics have come a long way in the past few years. Recently, there has been a growing demand for industrial-treated fabrics that have the texture of traditional cotton linens but hold up to spills, stains, and moisture and are suitable for outdoor use. These high-performance fabrics are more durable and are an excellent choice for heavy use around pets, children, and high-traffic areas. Many are machine washable as well.

With all of these hot new home trends and design choices in 2023, it's an excellent time for homeowners to start preparing their properties for a fresh new look. When you are passionate about your home and what goes in it, and you are creative with your design choices, you can transform your East Texas home into a luxurious space that your family, friends, and guests will truly love and enjoy.

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